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Written by Christopher Rozitis   
Monday, 02 May 2011 00:00

listThe EDLPSA is a Provincial Specialist Association of the British Columbia Teachers Federation of British Columbia, Canada, for teachers and administrators involved in distributed learning in British Columbia, Canada.

Active Voice for Distance Learning teachers and a Professional Learning Body


  1. Learning conditions
  2. Working relationships
  3. Professional development
  4. New teachers
  5. Community (BLOG)

Distributed Learning: Defining the Term

"Traditionally distance learning has referred to the provision of educational services to clients in remote or distant locations from a central information source or repository, using a variety of technologies from print to interactive video.

Increasingly these educational services are being distributed to clients in urban and campus settings where geographic distance is not a factor.... Hence the term "a distributed learning" is a more accurate description of the evolving use of technology to provide educationalservices....With the advent of cost effective telecommunications and computer networking capabilities ... students can work at home via a computer, with on-line teacher support...

The use of distributed learning also enables districts to deliver services to students in their homes or local community schools."
(B.C. Min. of Ed. Special Education Policies & Procedures, Appendix D, p.35)

Winkelmans, T. (2010). British Columbia Ministry of Education E-Learning Update 2010. Retrieved from

A Message from our President, Mr. David Comrie


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