mailman logoWhat is the BCEDL PSA Mailing List?

This list is for distributed learning, online or blended teachers and administrators to support each other.

Who is the Owner?
BC Educators for Distributed Learning

If you have questions or problems, please contact us (bcedl.psa(at) for help and we’ll help you get your problem resolved.

Rules of the list

  • These are the rules of the list. They are simple and straightforward. We ask that all members of the list adhere to them.
  • Everyone on the list is a professional and should act as such.
  • No foul language is to be directed at anyone on the list, if you want to flame them, do it in PRIVATE.
  • If you must comment on a post, make sure that it is something the GROUP will benefit from.
  • Please avoid sending out one or two line replies to a note, unless the GROUP will benefit from it.
  • FLAMES ARE NOT ALLOWED! If you MUST FLAME, then do it in private.
  • Please feel free to talk about your business and how you can help people, but do not start discussing how you are better then someone else. This will end up in your removal. In this light, promoting your business or unique and new services or searches is encouraged. Shameless plugging is not tolerated.
  • The list is a private mailing list and service. Therefore, each member must realize that membership is a privilege and not a right.
  • Any fake accounts will result in your immediate removal from the list.

If you can not follow these rules, then you will be removed.

How do I join BCEDL PSA Mailserv?

Click here to take you to the Subscribe page.