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On Sunday, July 1, 2012, Rod Peters wrote:

> Just curious if any one else is gravely concerned that another round of
> bargaining has come and gone and DL language specifics have still not been
> entered into the contract. Maybe I m missing something...If I am can please
> hshed light on this topic. Otherwise, the fact that DL online courses are
> funded between 15 and 20% less than regular f2f courses is a serious issue.
> Particularly when we still here rumours of DL teachers putting through
> 4-600 students annually.
> Please reply with any thoughts or advice on how to get this message heard
> at the senior BCTF level.


I note that you haven't received any response (at least not via the
listserve) to this comment.  British Columbia is not alone in the lack of
language regarding distance education in the contract (or in any of the
collective bargaining conversation).  In fact, Nova Scotia is the only
jurisdiction that has actually accomplished this.  There are about a dozen
and a half clauses in the contract between the Government of Nova Scotia
and the Nova Scotia Teachers Union.  You can access the contract at
the distance education clauses are in section 49.


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